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Hardwood Flooring

The Leading Choice for Wood Flooring in Dallas!

Dallas Floors is a professional flooring company that fits, finishes, and helps in maintaining beautiful, top-quality, sustainable, and natural hardwood floors. We are a leading hardwood flooring specialist in Dallas.

Over the years we gained experience in the installation and repair of all types of flooring, including top-quality carpet, laminate flooring, and hardwood flooringWe consider ourselves experts. We don’t just say it, our work proves it!

Hardwood Flooring services

Our wood flooring experts help in fitting wooden floors in commercial offices, residential homes, showrooms, and restaurants in all around Dallas. Our hand-picked workers have years of training in installing various types of floors. They work in collaboration with our valued clients.

Our hardwood flooring services include:

  • Installation of hardwood floors
  • Maintaining hardwood floors
  • Renovating and restoring hardwood floors

Vetted & Experienced Floor Fitters

Has your wooden floor cracked or been crowded due to moisture? Not a problem. Let the professionals at Dallas Floors restore your floors to their original beauty. We are here to swiftly replace the swollen layer of hardwood to restore your interior’s bespoke beauty.

Our team can fit all kinds of wooden floor patterns, from Chevron to Basket Weaves to Versailles. We focus on creating bespoke patterns. Being a leading flooring company in Dallas, we are armed with superior quality products and have extensive experience in providing the desired results.

Our valued clients choose the types of hardwoods we use in our process. However, we always ensure our customers that these are sourced from suppliers who certify the woods are sustainably forested.

The best thing about our company is we stay up-to-date on new developments and updates in the hardwood flooring industry. This includes amazing patterns, textures, and the range of color combinations available in the form of engineered and wood floors.

We use the best quality polished and hard wax oils to give an elegant finish to the floors to stay radiant for a long time.

Hardwood Flooring Designs

A few of our most popular and hand-picked hardwood flooring designs include:

  • Blockwork
  • Double herringbone
  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • Motifs
  • Double basketweave
  • Borders
  • Chevrons
  • Finger panels
  • Mosaic floors

Reasons To Choose Hardwood Flooring

It could be challenging to share the thousands of valid reasons to choose hardwood floors. The main reason is the availability of natural colors, beautiful marks, and, of course, the grains on the wood planks give charismatic appeal to your interiors.

  • Timeless Beauty
    You can create an elegant and superbly inviting environment in your space when you opt for natural solid wood flooring. The top-quality hardwood floors add timeless beauty to any room.

  • Durability
    Nowadays, solid wood flooring comes with new stain-resistant finishes. Hardwood flooring is undoubtedly quite prone to scratches, but modern wood flooring is resistant to fading and stains.

  • Character
    Hardwood flooring can add character to your existing aesthetic. The naturally occurring patina can amazingly add character. Hardwood flooring has endless choices and a variety of construction options.

Get in touch with Dallas Floors for high-quality wood flooring installation in Dallas. Call us at 214-480-3777 for a free estimate.