Top 5 Ways To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Top 5 Ways To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors can be pleasing to the eyes and also add to the value of your home; they are durable, increase the warmth of a room and offer better stain resistance. However, keeping new-looking floors for many years to come will require some regular maintenance.

Each season comes with a new problem for your hardwood floors. While winter brings ice, salt, and snow, spring comes with rain and dirt, summer comes to improve chlorine and saltwater, and falls bring lots of dirt and leaves.

But after you know the things to do and most especially, know the things to avoid; your life will get much easier.

In this write-up, we will make a list of tips for maintaining a hardwood floor. This will help you maintain neat-looking floors and also prolong the lifespan of floorboards by a significant amount.

Follow these tips and try to abide by the schedule as much as you can to get the best result:

1. Promptly Cleaning Stains and Spills

Hardwood floors have much resistance to stain, however, if you let fluid stay on a hardwood floor for long, it may lead to damage or stains. To prevent such, quickly wipe up any spills. Always do this with a clean soft cloth to avoid scratching your floor. If there is a tough stain, such as ink, oil, paint, or lipstick, you can consider cleaning the stain using acetone nail polish remover applied on a soft cloth.

When you have removed the entire traces of the stain, make sure you clean the spot with a neat, dampened cloth. If there is gum or wax on your hardwood floor, use ice to harden the gum or wax. Then scrape off the gum or wax using an old credit card. Immediately you have the entire wax or gum removed, you can use a clean, dampened cloth to clean the area.

2. Everyday Dusting with Weekly and Monthly Routine

Dust particles, pet hair, and other possible home allergens are trapped and removed by microfiber. The mop pads on microfiber are often effective than sweeping using a broom. Moreover, microfibers are often safer because some broom bristles can scratch the floor surface. To safeguard your floor, daily dusting is an important task.

Weekly vacuum using a soft-bristle floor-brush attachment prevents your floor from dust. Dust the floor using a microfiber mop before you dust it. Do not leave much debris on the floor when you vacuum because it can scratch the surface. Also, be careful of the wheel on the vacuum because they can also damage your floor. Damp-mop once in a month with hardwood floor cleaner mop that has a microfiber head.

3. Use Rugs or Mats

The importance of mats and rugs to the health and wellness of your wooden floorboards cannot be overemphasized. We recommend that you keep an additional long doormat at the entrance of the house and the front door to some distance in the house. With a long doormat, dust, dirt, water, ice, and other external particles transported in with someone’s shoes will be stuck to the rug or mat and won’t enter the house and affect the wooden flooring.

While you can often spot clean and vacuum, it is pretty easier if you make sure all the dust and dirt are kept outside in the first place. Similarly, you need to place rugs in high-traffic locations where many people stand or walk around, such as around the TV or in front of the couch. These rugs will just absorb most of the dirt and dust and prevent your floorboards from stains and damages. Continuous walking also wears down the finish in the long run. So, a nicely-placed rug can also save you from that problem.  

4. Surface Refinishing and Floor Hygiene

Floors that contain polyurethane finish require a maintenance coat re-applied every 24 months. If the floor’s shine is no longer restorable by routine cleaning, now is the time to recoat the surface. The wearing out will be based on the intensity of traffic that the floor experiences. Quickly clean up spills to prevent stubborn stains. When any fluid spills on your floor, it can lead to damage.

Therefore, wiping the spills immediately as soon as possible is essential. You can wipe out the spill immediately using a cloth. After that, you can clean with a microfiber pad. Also, avoid using ammonia to clean a spill as this may lead to severe damage to the floor. Always prevent the use of water and vinegar to clean spills on the floor.

5. Call in the Professionals

There are times that you just know it is better to call in the experts. Lots of homes with wooden floors have been built for a hundred years, but many of them will have lost their touch by now. If you want it to maintain its new and shiny look, you need to apply a new coat of varnish around every 5 years. If you begin to notice holes, gaps, or gouges in the wooden floors – anything that might lead to injuries, you should not hesitate to contact your local flooring company before it becomes too serious.

Below is a basic look into what your routine should look like:

  • Daily schedule – Sweep or dust: Concerning your daily maintenance routine, only dust or sweep the floor, using a microfiber mop. A broom is also effective. Regular dusting makes sure there is no pile-up of dust and dirt. If you allow it to build up, it gets highly difficult to remove it in the future.
  • Weekly schedule – Vacuum: Based on the size of your house as well as the level of the area covered by the wooden floorboards, weekly vacuuming is absolutely important. a vacuum cleaner removes the dust and dirt from every corner and difficult-to-reach areas below the furniture or in between the floorboards.
  • Monthly schedule – Polish: Try to polish the floor once a month. The finish or the protective layer often gets more attention anytime we clean. Microscopic scratches are filled out when you wax the floor, and it also balances the surface of the hardwood. Polishing is so easy, and it can be easily done.
  • Yearly schedule – Deep clean: Your floorboards can develop some serious problems like gouges, cracks, holes, and the like every few years. At this level, you might want to get a new finishing or sanding on your floorboard. Sanding or refinishing often replaces the former protective layer and will make your floorboard appear new again.

FAQ about Ways to Maintain Hardwood Flooring

What is the required maintenance needed by hardwood floors?

Always dust and clean your hardwood floor to make sure it continues to look new. Don’t use vinegar and water, wax, soap, or steam cleaners on your hardwood floor. As time goes by, water and vinegar will dull the look of the floor, while wax or soap will leave a residue.

Is it easy to maintain hardwood floors?

Be sure that wood floor maintenance is fast and convenient. Proper maintenance is important to keep wood floors looking shiny and functioning well for the floor’s lifetime. Routine cleaning involves dust mopping, vacuuming with the bare floor setting, and sweeping to get rid of dust and dirt.

What type of mop is best for hardwood floors?

Soft microfiber mops are effective on hardwood floors. Before you dust the floor, try spraying a cleaning solution (sanitizing type) or cleaner (for hardwood) for a deeper clean, but using a mop and a gentle microfiber pad is the best solution for hardwood or engineered wood floors.

How do I prevent pets from my hardwood floors?

You should cover the floors using rugs and runners in places that see much traffic. If your wood floor stretches to a long corridor, place a runner in the hallway to prevent dogs from walking or running up and down the hallways from revealing wear on the floor.

Can a wooden floor be moped?

Instead of a mop and a bucket of water, below is how to mop hardwood floors: grab a microfiber mop head to sweep the debris and dirt. Proceed with a wet microfiber mop and spray with the best hardwood floor cleaning solution. You can also clean them with microfiber and engineered wood-safe cleaner.


There you have it – our guide on ways to keep the look of your hardwood floor and feeling great. The tips discussed here should perform excellently in helping your floor remain clean and with no spot. When you make these tips a daily routine, as a part of maintenance, you won’t have to worry about your hardwood floors again.

If you need any other info concerning how to maintain hardwood flooring, reach out to Dallas Floors for help.

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